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Connecting & Creating via Photography & Writing

Ever since picking up my first camera, I have been interested in travelling and documenting the people and places I encountered throughout the world.  My travels have led to my living for 12 years in southern Africa including a couple spent living in the Kalahari with the Ju/'huan Bushmen people, and 10 years in Australia,where I filmed the rock art of Aboriginal people. I have also studied world mythologies during two years in California and during my time in Australia I obtained a PhD in visual anthropology and ethnographic film.  Now I have settled in France, my interests have turned back to my first passions,  namely photography and writing.


I have always been fascinated by the idea that a place or person might be experienced as a spark of resonance, which if captured, can unfold and tell a thousand stories. On the one hand, my photography is all about a quest to bottle the genie, to distill this spirit of place or person into its pixelated essence, which when viewed through the prism of another's perception unfolds itself to reveal new insights into the world we live in and into who we are as humans. But I am also grounded by the desire to portray what I hope is as close as one can get to reality, uncluttered by my own projections.   

In the tradition of ethnography, I particularly welcome the opportunity to photograph people who identify with a certain place or tradition.

I also welcome the opportunity to combine my photography with writing as in my blog. My book about documentary making in the Kalahari has also been published under the title "Filming Real People".​

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