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Welcome To My End of the Camera

The images and words on this website reflect the changing world I have lived through and my affection for it.  It has been such a huge privilege to witness so much, to meet people from so many different  places and walks of life and to document their lives in images and sometimes in writing. In my 60th year I have started to document my own multi-faceted life (which is obviously still a work in progress) in the blog section (forgive me if it takes me time to get material up there!). Many people have told me I should write my autobiography and this website seems as good a place as any to start.  It is a strange feeling to pull together the various images which have constituted my lived experience, but for me there is also a logic in doing so in my 60th year. The ancient cycle of time was based on the cycle of 60 as we remember every minute and hour. Moreover, the archetype of time has at one end the puer, the young striving spirit, ready for any adventure, and at the other end, the senex, or old person who has seen it all. I have chosen the photograph on this page as a metaphor for this.  I was sitting in a restaurant in Lisbon and looking out of the doorway, when I saw a rather tired looking old woman in the street with what looked like her underpants hanging above her head, and her bedsheets drying in the evening sunlight. The door was ajar and the glass caught the reflection of a vibrant young woman in animated conversation. I could not resist this compelling impression of doorways we all pass through going from one stage of life to the next...

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